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The mobile industry is in a constant state of flux, making it challenging to keep up and stay informed.

While you understand that progress is an ongoing journey, have you considered if your actions are in line with that perspective? Furthermore, do your actions, frameworks, and procedures hinder your progress?

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65% of all iOS downloads happen from the App Store, with search being the dominant channel.

Similarly, 53% of Android users come from the Play Store.

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58% of all installs in 2022 were organic according to Adjust.

The 58%-42% of organic/paid balance heavily highlights not only the importance of aligned representation [ASO] but also the urgent need for compound effect of paid-organic strategies.

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3x growth of Apple Search ads as an iOS channel since 2020, namely after SKAN. Making it the dominant, and #1 media source for iOS acquisitions.

OtherWayAround is designed to solve the current confusion and complexity in the market.

We know achieving your App growth goal is not a one-time event. Here is the formula!

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Analyze your ideal user profile & your competitive positioning

Understanding the intent of your ideal users, and where you stand in the market: that is the core of growth.

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Identify the right keywords to connect with your ideal users

Understanding is not enough! Aligning your metadata to capture that intent is crucial for increasing your visibility.

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Capture users’ attention with continuous testing on app stores

Visibility is essential, but without harnessing it, your growth will be trapped. Continuous creative testing becomes mission-critical for real growth.

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Empower paid marketing with ASO by creating compounded acquisition power

With continuous optimization of your visibility and conversion, paid traffic will supercharge your learning and iteration speed, and support your organic rankings.

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Measure like a master for growth while enhancing learning and progress

The concept is straightforward: without measuring impact, you can't iterate; without iterating, improvement is impossible.

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Iterate through the continuous optimization frameworks to foster growth

In apps and businesses, an infinite game mindset is the way. This continuous game sees those who keep iterating as the 'winners.'

While we may not have been the only discoverers of the formula, we do take pride in being the architects of the six-month plan that will facilitate its seamless integration into your life.


  • Market and Competitive Research
  • Visibility Analysis and KWO
  • Conversion Analysis and Testing Roadmap


  • ASA Deep Dive Analysis and Suggestions
  • Automated Reports and Guides
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Sequential Analysis


  • ASA Optimization Framework
  • User Acquisition Strategy Workshop
  • Onboarding, Engagement, Retention, Monetization Workshops
  • ASO & ASA: Hands on optimization, testing and analyzing


  • CPP Workshop
  • Custom Tailored CPP Playbook
  • CPP Data Governance
  • ASO & ASA: Hands on optimization, testing and analyzing


  • CPPs Hands on Execution
  • ASO & ASA: Hands on optimization, testing, analyzing
  • Strategy Map Revisit


  • Master Analysis and Reports
  • Gauage and Test Opportunities on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Testing
  • Strategy Map for the next 12 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes OtherWayAround's app marketing services different from others?

OtherWayAround stands out from traditional mobile marketing agencies due to its unique approach and commitment to long-term client success. While typical agencies have an average partnership duration of 8 months, OtherWayAround offers a comprehensive 6-month mobile growth program. This program not only provides App Store Optimization and ASA services like other agencies, but also prioritizes transferring valuable industry knowledge and expertise to clients. Our primary goal is to empower app businesses to achieve sustainable growth independently, leveraging years of experience in the mobile industry.

What is included in the 6-month program, and how does it contribute to my app's growth?

The 6-month program encompasses all crucial aspects of app growth, providing a comprehensive learning experience. The program includes four consecutive app store performance audits, helping you understand and analyze your app's performance effectively. With our detailed guides and regular follow-ups, keyword optimization and experimentation will become integral parts of your daily operations.

Our experts will create a tailored strategy map for your business, demonstrating how App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA) can complement each other. In addition to these core components, you will receive guidance from industry leaders on advanced topics, such as performance measurement and analytics, paid user acquisition, retention, and monetization strategies.

Furthermore, we will introduce you to essential tools for your app marketing operations, prioritizing your business needs and budget over profit. By the end of the program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to drive your app's growth independently and sustainably.

How does OtherWayAround ensure that I can sustain my app's growth independently after the program?

At OtherWayAround, our primary focus is to ensure a seamless knowledge transfer process, empowering you with the necessary skills and resources to sustain your app's growth independently. Our experts achieve this by providing you with easy-to-use templates, comprehensive guides, and hands-on support in implementing essential operations within your business. Moreover, by the end of the 6-month program, you will also receive a tailored 12-month marketing strategy map, designed to guide your app growth initiatives long after the program concludes. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have a solid foundation to continue your app's success autonomously.

Why is it crucial to integrate ASO with paid marketing for enhanced acquisition potential?

Combining ASO with paid marketing is essential because it creates a synergistic effect that amplifies your app's acquisition potential. ASO focuses on increasing your app's visibility in app stores and improving conversion rates for more downloads. Better conversion rates signal ranking algorithms, leading to improved visibility.

Targeted paid campaigns, when executed alongside ASO operations, fuel this cycle by generating high-conversion traffic, significantly boosting your organic visibility. A well-optimized store page not only enhances visibility and conversion but also positively impacts paid campaigns, resulting in lower user acquisition costs.

By integrating ASO and paid marketing with the right strategy, you create a powerful combination that drives app growth and maximizes the return on your marketing efforts.

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